Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

infolinks get started

why infolinks ?
We monetize websites with smart ad units.
To overcome banner blindness and improve engagement.
With a platform that determines user intent in real-time.
infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Online advertisers utilize the Infolinks Self-Serve Marketplace to customize their own campaign. Advertising with Infolinks means delivering brand messages to engaged users.

Online bloggers and website owners monetize their websites with Infolinks while keeping the integrity and layout of their sites undisturbed. Infolinks publishers can select their winning Infolinks ad combination from our ad unit buffet: InFrame, InSearch, InTag, and InText. It takes less than a minute to integrate Infolinks on a publisher’s site.

Infolinks’ ad units are fully customizable and invite higher engagement and CTR because of their unique positioning and the relevance provided by our smart algorithm. Infolinks In³ platform extracts intent and auctions ad inventory in real-time, delivering relevant ads at optimized moments – when visitors are ingesting related content. This is one of the ways that Infolinks overcomes banner blindness to actually engage with users and provide information matched to what they are seeking and reading. Infolinks supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries. Our headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California and our R&D Center is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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